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Navigating this world can be a tricky thing to do, especially for a Christian. "Hot Topics" are issues that can sometimes create controversary, but which Christians need to carefully and prayerfully consider, rather than keep their heads in the sand. This quarter we are featuring our perspective on the "vaccine," probably the hottest topic around right now.

August 5, 2021 (Updates added August 20, 2021)

For months now, we've been hearing valid concerns about this shot, and then hearing tragic stories of the side effects and reading headlines about the ineffectiveness. We know there a is an overabundance of information on all sides of the issue, so sometimes it is hard to weed thorough the "tinfoil hat" fears and the money-driven propaganda. But if we could point your attention to some videos and articles from some rather trustworthy and varied sources, maybe you can see where we're coming from.

(1) Protecting the Unborn

Although the shots currently available and marked as "COVID-19 vaccine" reportedly do not contain any fetal tissue, they have been tested unethically on intentionally aborted babies. The biblically based Personhood Alliance has taken an official stance against them and urges, "The pro-life movement should be in unity here."

Read their position | Their tenets | More about Abortion-Derived Cell Lines

Additional resources supporting sanctity of life concerns about the making and testing of the shots:

  • And sometimes just the promoters of something should give a person pause to consider. Why is Planned Parenthood so excited about the shot?

(2) The Rush to Vaccinate (faster than the FDA can approve)

Many scientists, medical doctors, and other health industry professionals are concerned, if for no other reason, about the speed of the development of the "vaccine." So fast that the FDA still hasn't approved them. So fast that technically everyone who has received them is still participating in the "experimental" phase and should not be mandated or pressured into participating. The best resource we've come across for this truth is an article by a health coach who, himself, had done thorough research too. His tag line should be something we can all agree on: "Health can't be injected, but it can be earned." His article is called "18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a COVID Vaccine." Among some of his best arguments:

  • Vaccine makers are immune from liability
  • The ugly history of attempts to make Coronavirus vaccines
  • The "data gaps" submitted to the FDA by the vaccine makers
  • No long-term safety testing
  • No informed consent
  • And the list goes on!

(3) The Concern of MANY Health Professionals and Leaders

It is no surprise that there is a mix of opinions in this matter, just as there has been a wide mix of opinions about COVID itself. On the one hand, you have physicians who are being paid by the state of California to give the "vaccine." On the other hand, you have medical doctors, a world renowned doctor, and even the world's leading vaccinologist putting their reputations on the line to sound the alarm.

Additionally, many governors have made it clear they will not be mandating the vaccines. Governor Abbott of Texas is especially passionate about his stance. And even the president of Mexico has concerns about offering the "jab" to children.

Updates from other leaders and healthcare professionals:

Some stories that should make you stop and think:

(4) The Ineffectiveness of the Shot

On July 29, the One America News Network released a video challenging the President's comments to Don Lemon stating the "vaccine will prevent people from catching COVID, going to the hospital, and even dying." All three statements are simply untrue. Here are some of the articles OAN used to support their story::

And these are similar headlines published after that video was released:

From the investment world, the Investment Watch Blog reports: "New data suggests vaccinated individuals could have higher levels of virus and infect others."

And the story of the defiant Democrat state senators who boarded a plane to flee their responsibility to vote in Texas, and instead shook hands with the Vice President (among others they breathed on). All fully vaccinated, five of them tested positive for coronavirus.

And for those who are more visual learners, here's a little cheat sheet:

  Vaccinated Unvaccinated
Can get COVID yes yes
Can spread COVID yes yes
Can die from COVID yes yes
Can die from the vaccine yes no


(5) The Detrimental Side Effects

Some of these were listed in the links above. And you (and you and you), just like we, know many people either personally or who know people personally who either have had the shot and suffered serious health issues--up to and including death--or who have been around vaccinated people and have developed serious health issues. Those are personal testimonies, most of which we cannot share here. But here is one example.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) keeps track of the negative reactions (up to and including 12,791 deaths as of August 6) in this weekly updated tally. (90% of their data comes from the USA.)

Other reports:

Additional resources regarding the detrimental side effects:

(6) The Importance of Choice

Finally, we support the right of each individual to choose whether or not they take this experimental shot. Clearly, we see the negative side of it, but at a minimum, people should be able to choose. Companies getting in the business of urging or recommending it--even without so many reports of the negative consequences--are fueling the fire for governments and employers to overreach and continue to make mandates (vaccine and mask) that take away individual choice. But taking it a step further, because of the abundance of reports of the negative consequences, it is irresponsible and even reckless for businesses to urge individuals to take the shot. And, most importantly, we come back around to Point #1, which is that because of the unethical use of intentionally aborted babies, Christian companies who claim to support life at every stage are behaving inconsistently to recommend this shot.

We support and appreciate the work of America's Frontline Doctors. Check out their new "Make a Stand" video, standing firm on the rights of Americans to choose what goes into their bodies.


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